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With almost 20 years in the culinary industry from homestyle cooking to fine dining, Chetra's Kitchen brings you the best of both worlds. Finally, Chef-Chetra has entered the mainstream to showcase his culinary talents with the emphasis on the concept of global cuisine, a fusion of East and West! Enjoy!


Thomas Nguyen
On grand opening night my girlfriend and I went to try Chetra’s kitchen and were immediately greeted by friendly staff and the chef himself. The food was exceptional, we ordered the Chilean seabass and the salmon, and everything turned out wonderful. The seabass was the highlight of our dinner, it was so rich, full of flavor, and just melted in our mouths. The salmon was nice and flavorful, with crispy skin that was no doubt our favorite part of the dish. Overall, we had an amazing dinner here and are looking forward to coming back!

Brittney Ruggeberg

Just got our to go order tonight and it was so good! We had the catfish sandwich, tortellini pasta, thai curry, and blackened catfish. All were very good! So glad this place is open! They have lots of diverse seafood options which is hard to find.

Ger Lo

This little place is a gem! The Tuna Tar Tar is a must. Chetra's Tuna Tar Tar has now tied for my 1st place along with Wolfgang Puck's Tuna Tar Tar; both with different tastes but so delicious with their own unique flavors. My main dish was the rib-eye steak and let me tell ya... the steak was flavored perfectly. It would be an insult to put steak sauce on it.

Then my 1st experience there was topped off with the best customer service ever. My next dish will be the Blackened Mahi-Mahi for sure.

Well... what are you still doing sitting around reading this review? Go get you some! Oh.... and you're welcome.